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Lighthouse Homeschool Co-op

Field Trip Opportunities 2022-2023

We are excited to facilitate field trips during our academic year. There are many exciting

opportunities, and in most cases, significantly discounted educational rates. This is a great way to integrate hands-on learning into your studies this year and explore the Granite State.

Curriculum connections including: Science, nature studies, history, art, drama and more.

Please read the information below to familiarize yourself with the protocol for sign-ups,

payment, and field trip opportunities offered. For questions, contact information is provided below. The majority of events have a link provided for further information - many facilities have supplemental information to maximize the learning experience. Looking at each website provided is strongly recommended. Once you are registered and paid, you will receive an email for each specific field trip in the week leading up to it.

Several facilities have a minimum and maximum number of students. Spaces will be offered on a first come first serve basis when applicable. Sign up is not final until payment is received, see below.

Sign up dates:

September 12th - All field trips September through November

November 7th - All field trips December and January

January 9th - All field trips February and March

March 6th - All field trips April and May


Payment is due at the time of sign up, space will not be secured until received. Many programs require payment in advance and therefore refunds will not be possible in most cases. Please do not plan on receiving a refund if you are not able to attend as planned. Any surplus at the end of the lighthouse year will be donated to the Lighthouse hardship fund.

September 30th 1:30pm

Doucette Family Orchard

275 Morrill Street, Gilford NH

A small, family owned and operated orchard. We will enjoy apple picking and cider making. We

will also be able to talk with the farmer to learn about the orchard.

All ages are welcome

Cost: $5 per person, includes a small bag of apples (1/2peck)


October 7th 8:45 - 2

The Gundalow Company

60 Marcy Street, Portsmouth NH

Board the only Gundalow in the World to explore the Marine Heritage of the Region.

This program will run from 9AM - 2 PM with a 30 minute break for lunch and will include a 2.5 hr sail and a 2 hr land program. * Recommended for grades 2 and up.

The Sail: During this sail on the Piscataqua, students will be engaged at customized learning stations related to exploration of the waterways and the operation of the Gundalow. They will work with the crew to set the sail, steer, and navigate. Activities are hands - on and place-based, combining concepts from social studies, science, math, art and language arts. Critical thinking skills, decision making, and working as a team are all incorporated into the experience. The cultural and natural history of the area will come alive as your students join the Gundalow crew.

The Land: Students will participate in two, 1 hr programs including water quality and the

Pisciotta People.

Water quality program - Students will develop scientific hypotheses about what they will find in the water of the Piscataqua River. They will use a series of scientific equipment to test for temperature, solidity, dissolved oxygen, pH and turbidity. Students will then prove or disprove their hypotheses, discuss challenges of carrying out real work roles and scientific research.

Pisciotta People - Students will travel back in time and take part in settling the Piscataqua Region. Become a Native American, a Shipbuilder, or a merchant and make decisions about how you live, where you live and how you adapt to the changing settlement. This role-playing game introduces students to the region and asks them to settle and barter with other earlier settlers.

This program is recommended for grade 2 and up ( younger is permitted, if age 5 or older)

Cost: All participants will pay the same fee, which will be determined based on the number of participants. Estimated $20-25 per person.

( Max 34 people, 27 students)

** Please do not prepay for this trip until the final cost is provided.


Oct. 21st 1:45-3:00

Corn Maze

Beech Hill Farm & Ice Cream Barn

107 Beech Hill Rd., Hopkinton NH

Beech Hill Farm has two corn mazes this year, the themes are “ICE CREAM JEOPARDY”

which celebrates Beech Hill Farm Ice Cream Barn’s 25th Anniversary and “NH ECO=SPY” which is about NH wildlife and ecosystems. The two mazes are split up in an 8-acre cornfield. Each maze has scavenger hunt activities that correspond with the theme, the goal is to navigate all the way through the maze. The mazes are located on a 9th generation family-owned farm that now has an Ice Cream Stand, lots of farm animals to visit, and a Garden Barn filled with pumpkins, gourds, mums and seasonal favorites. The corn in the corn mazes doesn’t go to waste-it’s turned into silage, preserved and fed to their herd of beef cattle during the winter. The maze typically takes about 40 minutes to complete.

This field trip is fun for all ages.

Cost $6 per person, children 3 years and under are free


November 11th, 9:30 AM * All day event

Plymoth Patuxet Museums

137 Warren Ave, Plymouth MA

Our schedule begins with a guided walking tour of historic Patuxet, including exploring the waterfront area, admission to the grist mill and admission to the Mayflower II. After our walking tour, visit to the grist mill, and the Mayflower time will be allotted for a picnic lunch (not provided). We will then explore Historic Patuxet and a 17th century English Village. This is a self guided tour from 1:00-4:00 ** This will be a full day, with a lot of travel by foot.

Cost: Adults $ 37.88, Students $26.63. Maximum 30 people


November 18th, 9:30 - 1:30

New Hampshire Farm Museum

1305 White Mountain Highway, Milton NH

Old Fashioned Thanksgiving on the Farm

Children will begin with a tour through the historic Jones farmhouse where they will meet costumed guides portraying Jones family members during the Civil War era as they prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving. After the tour, children will help prepare the holiday meal, learning how to grind and pound flint corn to make cornbread, churning fresh cream into butter, and pressing apples at the Cider Barn to make cider for everyone to share at the Thanksgiving meal. Students will also explore the 104-foot great barn and participate in a special barn hunt. We will enjoy a tractor tour around the grounds of the farm, stopping to visit and feed our horse, cows, sheep, and goats. A highlight of the day is always hearing “Grandma Pat” tell a story about the holiday, then going to feed the chickens with her! *Recommended for ages K-8th grade. All ages welcome.

Cost: $9.00 per person for students age 5 and older & adults. Age 4 and under free


December 9th, 10:00 AM

The Palace Theatre

80 Hanover Street, Manchester NH

A Christmas Carol

This is a professional theatre performance with a special showing during the day for schools and groups.

Cost: $12 per person adults & students


January 20th, Time: TBD (late afternoon)

Gunstock Mountain Resort

719 Cherry Valley Rd, Gilford NH

2 hours on the multilane tubing hill, with a magic carpet to make the ride up easier!

3’6’’ height recommendation (see website for further details), each guest must be able to ride in their own tube (no doubles).

Cost: TBD (anticipated cost $28pp)

February 24th 9:45am-12:30pm

NH State House Guided Tour and NH Historical Society Guided Tour

107 North Main Street, Concord NH

30 Park Street, Concord NH

We will enjoy a guided tour of the NH State House. We may be able to meet some of the state representatives. We will tour the Governor's office and might even meet him. After our tour of the State House we will walk across the street to the Historical Society.

A visit to the New Hampshire Historical Society, located at 30 Park Street in Concord, is a great way to reinforce student learning in a stimulating environment. Upon entering the monumental rotunda of the Society's historic 1911 building, students will see iconic objects and images of New Hampshire's history, including the original eagle that once sat atop the state capitol, portraits of royal governors, and a rare Revolutionary War flag of the Second New Hampshire Regiment.

In the exhibition Discovering New Hampshire, on view in the second-floor gallery, students will learn about people, places, and events in New Hampshire history through a rich assortment of museum objects and archival materials from the Society's collections. In a hands-on activity, held in the Society's auditorium, students will use artifacts to delve into how everyday life in New Hampshire has changed over time.

Cost: $4 per child age 5 and older. Adults and children 4 and under are free. Max 25 students


March, 31st, 9:45 AM arrival time

Museum of Science, Boston

1 Science Park, Boston MA

Enter the museum at 10 AM, explore the museum (self guided).

Our schedule will include a giant screen film in the IMAX dome and a show in the Planetarium

Cost: Adults $13 and Students $18

Children 2 and under are free

April 21st, 9:30-3:15

Tsongas Industrial History Center

115 John St, Lowell MA

During the Industrial Revolution, the new factory system changed the nature of work and the relationships between workers and management. In this high-energy program, students examine how workers fought, and continue to fight, for their rights in a corporate system. Students

● Immerse themselves in printing “cloth” on an assembly line and experience dramatic

fluctuations in work conditions.

● Join a union, the “Teenage Workers of the World,” to gain power in the corporate

workplace and engage in collective bargaining with mill management.

● Investigate child labor in the U.S. and abroad, using Visual Thinking Strategies with

historic and modern photographs, to discover how young workers are addressing

injustices and securing their rights.

● Explore the Boott Cotton Mills Museum and boardinghouse to gather information to form and support an opinion about work and life in a mill city.

Arrival Time 9:30am

Program time 9:45-1:55 (break for lunch)

Weaving program 2:15-3:15 all students will weave a name tag that will be mailed to them at a

later date

Max 35 people

Cost TBD (anticipated cost $15 or less per person)

*please do not pre-pay for this event


May 12th, Time: 9:30 - 3:30

Squam Lake Science Center

23 Science Center Rd, Holderness, NH

Through spectacular live animal exhibits, natural science education programs, an informal public garden, and lake cruises, Squam Lakes Natural Science Center has brought people Nearer to Nature since 1966. Our group will enjoy an outdoor activity based education program led by one of the science center staff. We will have one program for younger students and one program for older students. We will also have time to explore the live animal exhibit trail on our own. Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy the day.

Max 30 students per program

Cost $12 per person

Children 2 and under FREE

Field Trips

Organizer: Jennifer Vachon

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